When the topic of teeth cleaning is mentioned, most people think that a daily routine of brushing and flossing is more than enough to keep their pearly whites in the best condition possible. However, oral health care involves a lot than just a daily teeth brushing routine. It is essential to get your teeth professionally cleaned by a dentist or oral hygienist on a regular basis. Although brushing and flossing twice a day will help remove a significant amount of food and plaque build-up from the teeth, this alone is not enough to remove the harder plaque or tartar between the teeth. When it is your dentist who is cleaning your teeth, he or she will be able to check for other potential problems such as gum disease, cavities or caries and cracked or broken teeth which are the primary cause of the bad smell. Your teeth and gums can still have a layer or two of plaque build-up, regardless of how religious and thorough your dental hygiene routine is. This plaque build-up can harden, causing irremovable stains called tartar. No matter how often or how rigorous you brush your teeth, only a dentist will have the right tools to scrape it off. The dentist has the tools, toothpaste and fluoride rinse to do a more thorough cleaning of your teeth and gums than you could ever do at home. On top of that, a dentist is a trained professional who can quickly identify and diagnose dental health concerns. Even if your teeth are looking flawless and you have no pain or discomfort, and you can eat and speak clearly and quickly, you can still have an underlying dental issue that may be growing under the surface of the teeth or gums. There are up to 500 different types of bacteria in people’s mouths, and the amounts of each vary between individuals. Some of these bacteria, feeding on proteins from food residues, produce unpleasant smelling substances, often similar to sulfur or rotten eggs. Many millions of these bacteria can live in between your teeth and remain there entirely undisturbed unless your dentist removes them. In the light of this information it becomes evident that visiting your dentist for teeth cleaning is an essential addition to anyone’s activities, and all the more so for someone suffering from persistent bad breath problems. The hygienist will help you clean your teeth hence prevent the oral bacteria from forming in your mouth. This will also prevent food from sticking between your teeth. If they’re left inside, bad breath will be unavoidable. You may find visiting your dentist for teeth cleaning tricky at first, but it is worth persevering with until it becomes second nature. Do it even once in a month, and you will start experiencing the benefits of fresher breath. There are other benefits to teeth cleaning apart from reducing halitosis. Scientific research has identified different bacteria often found in the mouth, with some serious systemic diseases such as heart attack, cerebral stroke, pneumonia, and others. Utilizing effective teeth cleaning you are drastically cutting the numbers of all sorts of bacteria in the mouth, and hence the risk of developing these disorders. If teeth cleaning and maintaining your oral hygiene fail you from getting a fresher and clean breath, you may have a more significant problem. If you make it a routine to visit your dentist, he /she will be able to discover if there is another big problem that is causing the bad smell.