For the careful and at the same time comfortable tooth cleaning , more and more people are turning to the electric toothbrush. The promises of the manufacturers are tempting.

But can electric toothbrushes actually do more than traditional manual toothbrushes? We have dealt more closely with the topic and analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of the electrical alternative. In contrast to manual toothbrushes, the vibrating movements with electric brushes are not performed manually. The devices take on this task, so that the user only has to guide the brush head along the rows of teeth. Basically, electric toothbrushes are divided into two systems: Oscillating toothbrushes: With these models, an oscillating rotating round brush ensures cleanliness. The brushes rotate back and forth as well as circular.

Thanks to the smaller brush head, hard to reach places are accessible. On average, 3,000 vibrations per minute are achieved. Further information can be found in our review of one of Braun’s best-known models. Sonic Toothbrushes: They have an elongated bristle head and are usually relatively expensive. The bristles swing at around 300 hertz. Sound-active electric brushes are gentler and make operation easier. At , a comparison portal for electric toothbrushes, the mode of action was aptly summarized: “The sound-active brushes are provided with an integrated chip. This chip generates sound that causes vibration in the brush. The vibration not only cleans the teeth but also puts the saliva in circulation. This allows the plaque to be excellently removed from the teeth. “Up to 40,000 revolutions per minute are possible. About sonic toothbrushes , we have reported here.

Clear cleaning benefits are not detectable in either system. Both are electric toothbrushes and therefore better for cleaning the teeth than a normal manual toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes – the benefits Compared to the first models around 40 years ago, modern electric toothbrushes are highly developed. Customers today have the choice between different variants such as ultrasonic toothbrushes or oscillating alternatives. The fact that electric toothbrushes now produce a better cleaning performance than manual toothbrushes has been proven in scientific studies. The most striking advantage of electric toothbrushes is the good cleaning result.

Due to the fast and continuous movements of the brush head no pressure is necessary. Impurities are much more carefully resolved without the need for vigorous brushing. Both tooth enamel and tooth substance are spared. Electric toothbrushes take over the necessary for cleaning movements, which is accompanied by the use of maximum comfort. At the same time, people with motor impairments benefit. This can be disabled, sick or elderly, who can no longer move freely due to physical discomfort. There is also the electric children’s toothbrush. In children, a higher readiness to clean can be achieved, because many brushing with an electric toothbrush child is more fun. However, child-friendly models should be used. They are characterized by softer bristles, smaller brushes and handles adapted to children’s hands. The age recommendations of the manufacturer are for orientation. Integrated timers control the cleaning time and detect when the user has reached the recommended cleaning time. This eliminates the often annoying stopping of time. While cleaning with manual brushes is often superficial, electrical models will clean up below the gum line. In addition, more bacteria are removed and dental plaque solved more reliable. Due to the fact that more bacteria are removed, unpleasant halitosis can disappear or at least be contained.

The problem of the discoloration of teeth by red wine, cigarette, tea or coffee pleasure can be reduced. In addition, injuries of the gums can be avoided by excessive pressure. Innovative brush systems draw attention to unnecessary pressure, for example by means of vibration, and the user is made aware of the correct cleaning behavior. Gingivitis is concretely prevented. In addition to the demonstrable benefits of the cleaning result, users report improved hygiene . The teeth feel smoother and the mouth fresher overall.